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Halloween in Oz (a late post!)

Halloween was never very big in Australia when I was young (non-existent infact). But now with a 5-year old at school, holy-moly…it is bigger than ben hur!

Rather than buy random stuff to hang up or carve a $23 pumpkin (and there certainly was some pressure from one of these guys) it was an opportunity to make some decorations. Not much, but just to get into the spirit of things.


A sketeton/mummy (a last minute change – thank-you masking tape) and a mouse! Nice and simple.

ok – I did have fun, despite my bah-humbug moment!

hope yours was fun




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kids in the kitchen

My two kids love helping out in the kitchen. And if one is busy the other wants to be part of the action.


Juicing is a good way to get involved and use up some extra fruit (in this case watermelon and mint from the garden).  And learning to share.

Tomorrow is my day off so we might try for some raspberry muffins to take to school for morning tea.

happy baking!


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Our compost project – how much gets recycled each year?


A few weeks ago Will and I started our compost project – to calculate how much waste goes into the compost bin every day/week/year.

Will’s job was to weigh each morning how much was in our kitchen scraps bin and write this down in a notebook.


This was done over a two-week period (minus a couple of days at the beach). Then we worked out an average daily weight and scaled this up.

So how much goes from the kitchen scraps into the compost bin every day/week year?

0.8 kilograms per day

5.6 kilograms per week

Every year ~ 300 kilograms of kitchen scraps is recycled through our compost bin.

Not going into landfill.

Gosh it adds up.

This didn’t include leftovers for the chickens or the weight of adding water/liquids ( I usually put in plate washings, random liquids to add more wet stuff).

Will was great at taking on this challenge. Sometimes a grumble (usually related to actually taking the compost out each morning) but generally happy to partake.

A good kid project for: improving writing skills (with a purpose), learning to read scales, typing numbers into a spreadsheet.

And the best part is that this all breaks down and goes back into making our garden grow.

Compost rocks! (rather…rots)


How much goes into your compost?


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‘Finn’ Selected for Australian International Fashion Film Festival

A thought provoking little short film…strengthens my mission to make smart ethical choices, recycle and reuse.


Our film ‘Finn: Kids Don’t Belong in Factories’ has been selected for the programme of the Australian International Fashion Film Festival.

AIFFF is about bringing together the passion and unique art form of film and fashion incorporated into the one, showcasing short films, documentaries, backstage and behind the scenes from fashion shows from around the globe over two nights. With features by fashion designers, film directors and artists who have created films within the fashion sector.

Submission are open to fashion brands, labels, companies, designers, film schools, within the fashion, art and creative sector, sourcing a number of unique and never before seen films to present at AIFFF14.

The programme has not yet been announced but stay tuned and we’ll update you as soon as we know!

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Curbside clean up – neighbourhood recycling

We love the yearly curbside cleanup. Where everyone gets to toss out their ‘stuff’ and then drives around to look at everyone else’s stuff! (oh, or is that just us?) A great recycling initiative given the amount of stuff that changes hands.

My favourite pickups over the years:

– 2 x chairs + table

P1000183     P1000182


– 8 x deckchairs in (almost) tip top condition

– my original commuter bike (the silver bullet, now superseded)

– hockey stick (hmm, not terribly useful but hey)

– speakers (an excellent brand apparently – now part of the rockin’ sound system!)

– boogie board

– the odd aquarium or three

One of my friends jokes not to leave your car/kids/dog/belongings in the front yard come council curbside clean-up time…otherwise I will claim it!

Just got the letter – it is on next weekend – goodie!

What have you picked up / recycled / reloved?

happy fossicking!



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Just how much goes into the compost? This week’s task…

This week’s project: how much gets recycled through our compost bin?


Will and I will weigh how much goes into the compost bin each morning. Will’s job is to write down how much and then later enter it into a spreadsheet.


After two weeks we will work out total weight and maybe scale it up for a month…a year.

The point being to be more aware of how much goes into the compost and not into the garbage bin (and of course, get Will interested and involved). I have no doubt Lucie will be clamering below (‘me me, I do it’).

Happy weighing